“Hello world” KeyServ v1.0

We have launched our platform and are now ready to help you rapidly develop your product / subscription prototypes. Check it out!


Yes, this is our “Hello World” post, this is the KeyServ Platform v1.0 and we are proud to introduce this microservice API. Like most things that engineers design it starts with something built to make one’s own life easier. Such is the case here. SmartQ (Pty) Ltd has a number of SaaS and IoT projects and the one thing all these products have in common is the need for Serial-Key Tracking, it also enables us to offer our services with BYOL (Bring Your Own License) models in order to speed up the distribution of our offerings.


Our flagship product SmartQueuer (a live site can be seen here: http://q.communica.co.za) needed an agile subscription management system whereby we can allow users access to time-locked demos and trial periods to test in their environments at no cost.

Now all our subscription-based systems plug-into a centrally managed microservice. At this point lets talk about how awesome that is for SaaS and devOps. No more reusing the same subscription code snippets with poor maintainability across your portfolio, Microservice architecture saves us from that. Less code means less mistakes, more stability and more productivity time.


Learn about the API here : https://keyserv.solutions/Home/Learn
Start using KeyServ now: https://keyserv.solutions/Account/Login

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