Zapier : It’s like Glue for Apis & Fun Too!

This is one of those companies that we just knew we were going to partner with at some point down the road and we had more than one client specifically ask about whether KeyServ’s Subscription system could work within the Zapier ecosystem.

Our founder Jawid tells us in his own words- his experience integrating with Zapier: Anyone whose anyone in this game has to have respect for these guys. It was mid-last year, at first I was a bit confused by the integration pipeline but I had a customer to demo to. Unlike other systems, one cannot simply import a spec doc yet and it isn’t a CRUDL-type model. I reached out to the support hoping to have a quick phone call with a support person, unfourtunately they don’t do telephone, bummer. This upset me…


…but the cutesy-goading reply I got from a support person kept me pressing-on. Once I was done, I did a rudimentary demo to the customer whom was happy. More recently as they asked me to check a possible integration I logged into my Zapier account, I knew the demo Zap was still working but my dashboard Zaps were all missing!


My integration pipeline too?! I took to emailing their support and implied in a few mails “You guys messed up!” I had a few days back and forth and their support people were very patient with me, in the end it was found that I was the one that screwed up, it didn’t help that I was so adamant about the situation, so apologies to Zapier, your support personnel are awesome! Looking forward to prosperous future working together.


Let’s conclude by saying we are ready to publish to which is Zapier’s integration market-place with 2000+ Apps available. Zapier makes it so damn easy to connect spreadsheets, ecommerce, accounting software that it’s actually fun to play with! Right now, we have a private app available to our clients at this link:

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