Postman & Collections : The Industry Standard


Ah Postman, that very cool API testing and development environment that everyone and their dog uses. Well, there’s a secret sauce to their success in our view, that is community, a vibrant and growing one at that. One needs only to look Postman Galaxy 2021, wow! What a swell put-together virtual “summit.” So much going on and high-profile speakers to boot.

You probably guessed that we have a Postman collection, I mean it’s a no-brainer as KeyServ’s market is predominantly devs, geeks and nerds. Postman describes itself as a collaboration platform and boy is it apt when a tech-lead at a clients asks us: “Is there a collection I can fiddle around with?” Yeah sure:


Haha, I just recalled Fiddler, that’s the one we used back in the day. Now Looking forward: 2021 may be the year the API economy becomes “a real boy” and Postman is one of the tools in the arsenal of these devs of this future.